List of TYJ's pouch fill/sealing machines

Machines are listed by six categories, according to their main features.
Over 100 machine types are available with different pouch sizes, shapes, product types & operating speeds.
TYJ also provides custom builds, optional functions & build to order equipment.

Pouch fill/sealing machine for wet products

Our lineup includes different pouch sizes, filling volumes & operating speeds. Units can be built to handle diverse types of products, including not only liquids or solids, but a combination of solid+liquid mixture and more.

Retorted products, various sauces, beverages, liquid detergent, etc.

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Pouch fill/sealing machine for dry products

Our diverse feeding and inserting machines can handle a wide range of dry products and have excellent compatibility with most third-party weighers & fillers. TYJ also offers various optional devices gas (O2) replacement, pouch zipper handling, dust contol features and more.

Confectionery, cereals, seasonings, frozen foods, pet food, individually wrapped packages, etc.

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Pouch vacuum packaging machine

Dual table, automatic vacuum packaging machine, developed to seamlessly handle the filling and vacuum processes. Optional features allow handling of high-temperature vacuum as well.

Side dishes, pickles, processed meats, flavoring agents, coffee, etc.

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Spout pouch packaging & spout inserting machines

The entire process from spout insertion to filling and capping can be fully automated. Two types: Fill through a pre-inserted spout or; Fill first, then add a pre-capped spout. The second method is excellent for viscous or non-liquid products.

Beverages, purées, liquid detergent, sauces, etc.

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High-speed fill/sealing machine (TL Series)

Continuous motion to achieve high speeds. These machines can package 100 - 250 pouches per minute, depending on product & pouch, while maintaining stable filling and sealing performance.

Beverages, liquid detergents, wet or dry pet food, small packaged products (e.g. chocolates, gummies etc.)

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Tray fill/sealing machine, other machines

Filling/packaging machines utilizing our pouch packaging technologies to fill trays and other package types, serving customer needs in a wide range of fields. We also have a lineup of feeding and inserting machines that connect to the various types of packaging machines.

Vegetables, preserved foods, side dishes, salads etc.

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